It started with the original 3

In 2004, my Mom and Dad, along with Teekah (pictured above) moved to a lakefront country home in North Frontenac county, Ontario, where one evening a very colorful sunset appeared.  I had my modest point-and-shoot with me, and naturally I wanted to take a few snaps of the scenery. Then I added Teekah into the frame, and my passion for photography was sparked during those 20 minutes.  Those 20 minutes were special because although I knew how to turn the flash on and off, I found out that I could control the power of the flash also, and reduce the ambient exposure to keep the sunset from overexposing.  When the experiment was over, I had some of the best photos that I had ever taken.  I don't recall any special interest in photography as an art prior to that evening.


Fast forward to a drink spilling onto that camera;  my HP photosmart was ruined, but the door into DSLR photography opened, and I went out and bought a Nikon D40.


Since then, I've been getting out of bed early on foggy mornings, and getting into bed late on stormy nights.  I've been laying in mud, slipping in creeks, and sitting perfectly still in mosquito-infested bush to get the shot that I can run home and share with you.  There's a natural high that comes after a 30 minute exposure in the middle of the night, and the star trails appear on the camera's LCD screen.  Its the same high that comes when I find myself capturing the very moment when a snail realizes that he's going to be extra late today :)


When friends and family started to see that I began to kinda know what I was doing, I welcomed their requests for family photos, and even fashion shoots.  And there lies a whole new level of satisfaction; when a client sends a message to let me know that they are overjoyed with their photos, and can't wait to hang up their big canvas print.